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The market prospect of intelligent lamps is great

2021-05-25 02:33:59

In recent years, the LED industry has experienced explosive high-speed improvement, with increasingly sharp divisions such as overproduction and price competition. Coupled with the cold demand of the market, the industry had expected that the growth rate of market capacity of the LED industry would slow down in 2016. However, with the rapid development trend of Internet technology and the gradual popularization of Internet of things technology (IOT), especially LED is more popular and gradually enters every household. The improvement of new smart city and smart home makes the application of intelligent lighting more and more common in daily life. Intelligent lighting creates new opportunities for LED lighting companies.

The leaders have made rational layout in the field of intelligent lighting

The smart lighting plan is the key landing point of its new smart city development strategy. All companies have made every effort to develop the field of intelligent lighting, which shows that the field of intelligent lamps has gradually become a "hot commodity" in the eyes of industry giants. Such industry leaders tend to explore the field of intelligent lighting one after another, but only focus on the great development potential of the intelligent lighting sales market. The profits of the intelligent lighting industry far exceed those of consumer electronic equipment.

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