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Brief analysis on the convenience of intelligent lamp system

2021-05-25 02:33:59

1. Timed execution manipulation

The timing execution function of the intelligent lamp manufacturer's system can be set to 7 o'clock at night to slowly turn on the light in the bedroom to a suitable chromaticity; Turn off all lights automatically at 11:00 in the middle of the night, but you don't have to touch the power switch. In particular, the regular execution of lights out by the elderly and children can not only protect eyes, but also improve sleep.

When people are on business or leisure vacation, the lights at home are not on for many nights, which will cause the attention of "thieves". Don't worry. After selecting the intelligent lighting system, operate the lighting lamps regularly according to the usual work and rest schedule, which can reasonably prevent theft.

2. Scene linkage

If you are given a variety of different smart lamps, for example, you have the habit of watching a play when you go home and enjoy a TV series, you can set a scene "TV mode" for the light, so that the light can be only slightly gray; For example, by setting the "game entertainment mode", you can build the lighting atmosphere of songs at home with one click! For example, to set the "dining mode", you only need a function key to turn the lights at home into a warm and happy atmosphere for dining!

The intelligent LED light system can also be linked with the intelligent security system. When an alarm occurs, the lights in the home will flash continuously. Go home late again, complete the lighting at home according to the linkage scene, and give the waiting at home

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